Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sparky's Fresh Draft Root Beer

Sparky's is kettle brewed in small batches by the Knox family in Pacific Grove, CA.

Short 12oz brown glass bottle, plain looking paper label, but an attractive bottle cap. No nutritional information given on the bottle. Sweetened with cane sugar & honey, no specific flavorings listed.

Cola colored, almost zero head even when poured aggressively. Aroma is almost all wintergreen, a bit of sharp spiciness underneath it. Taste is all wintergreen with a strange burning spiciness. The wintergreen flavor is so strong, perhaps it's birch oil, and that's the angle they are taking with this brew. Finish has a faint bitterness. Low carbonation, mouthfeel is thin and flat. The flavor sort of got to me...I couldn't finish the bottle.

It might be more accurate to call this a hot/spicy wintergreen soda or birch beer.
Would not drink again.
Rating: D

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