Monday, September 27, 2010

Dorothy's Isle of Pines Root Beer

A charming story goes with this root beer from Ely, MN. Dorothy Molter brewed her own root beer in a small cabin on Knife Lake. For years visitors would paddle up to her cabin to purchase her homemade treat. Today, the root beer is brewed at the Dorothy Molter Museum in the same area.

Nice looking paper label on a 12oz brown glass bottle. 160 calories, 46 grams of sugar, sweetened with high fructose corn syrup. I can only assume that Dorothy's original recipe probably used real sugar. Too bad they changed it. Natural flavorings listed are: Acacia & Quillaia extracts.

Medium color with a reddish tint. Very fizzy head that disappeared in seconds. Smell had herbal notes with a touch of mint. Taste was somewhat thin with a medicinal quality. The odd finish reminded me of eucalyptus. Lower carbonation and a watery mouthfeel.

Disappointing to say the least. Oddly flavored, and it's something that I would not want to try again. I have a hunch that the stuff Dorothy brewed back in the day was much better than this.
Rating: C-

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