Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Old Town Root Beer 66

Brewed and bottled at multiple locations in southern California by Old Town Root Beer Co.

12oz brown glass bottle with a fairly simple paper label. No nutritional information given on the bottle. Sweetened with cane sugar & honey. Natural flavorings listed are: real vanilla & cinnamon.

Medium color, zero head even when poured aggressively. The aroma was mostly licorice, and it was easy to pick out the cinnamon note. Taste was heavy on the licorice, with a bit of vanilla way in the back. The finish had a nice spicy trail. Medium carbonation and average mouthfeel.

An interesting root beer with a unique taste. The cinnamon does add a nice dimension. But the strong licorice flavor seems to work against the drinkability.
Rating: B-

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